Award for "Most animal-friendly cosmetic brand"

On the 20th May DR. BAUMANN COSMETIC GmbH received the Progress Award in the category "most animal-friendly cosmetic brand"

A quotation from the congratulatory letter from PeTA to the directors Dr. Henrich and Dr. Baumann:
“...As your company makes others attentive to animal-protection topics, and offers first-class alternatives to products which are connected with animal suffering, DR. BAUMANN COSMETIC GmbH contributes to a more ethical life-style in our society. Your innovative and progressive contribution to animal protection is an outstanding model for other companies, which will hopefully follow your example. We single you out for your foresight and initiative, your consciousness, your creativity and friendliness. We thank you for your contribution towards helping sympathy and ethics find its place in the economy…”

PeTA has 1,6 million members and is the largest animal protection and animal rights organisation in the world.