A special kind of beauty care

The bionome quality criteria for skin-friendly, animal-friendly and environmentally friendly products:

  • Free from preservatives
  • Free from mineral oils
  • Free from animal substances – vegan
  • Does away with unnecessary waste: no additional packaging
  • Free from perfume, except for special products containing essential oils*

* Essential oils are indicated on respective products in accordance with legal requirements

The benefits of Dr. Baumann SkinIdent

Bionome beauty care

According to the Duden German dictionary “Bionomy” is the “Science of the laws of life”.

These laws are the qualitative basis for the development of all Dr. Baumann SkinIdent products. This means that on the one hand the skin’s metabolism and structure is taken into account, and on the other hand aspects of our environment are considered.

The goals of bionome beauty care are:

  • Optimal compatibility through application of dermatological and allergological knowledge in the selection of ingredients.
  • A targeted range of ingredients whose effectiveness has been specified and proven and which are therefore beneficial to the skin.
  • A harmony between the ingredients and the physiology and anatomy of the skin. This is achieved when as many ingredients as possible are endemic to the skin and body, meaning the substances occur naturally in the the skin. SkinIdent, our cutting-edge product line, is comprised exclusively of ingredients and vitamins endemic to the skin.
  • Environmentally friendly: doing away with unnecessary waste such as outer packaging.
  • Animal-friendly: no use of animal substances.

Exceptional Compatibility

The scientifically-based selection of ingredients means that the probability of allergies is minimized and provides the basis for outstanding compatibility and effectiveness. Specific fragrances, essential oils and preservatives in cosmetics can trigger allergies. These are referred to in technical literature such as the “Blue List” (published by ECV) and the IVDK “Investigation into the prevalence of environmental contact allergies” commissioned by the National Environmental Agency in 2004. Even if your skin has tolerated allergens for a long period of time, sustained use can cause allergic skin reactions months or even years down the line. In the interests of our clients we would like to minimize this risk. Therefore Dr. Baumann SkinIdent has invested a considerable amount in research to make products smell pleasant without the use of perfume, fragrance or essential oils and durable without the addition of preservatives. (For identification of perfumes and chemical preservatives see the article “Consumer Protection” on page six). Certain DR. BAUMANN products contain essential oils which are listed on each product in accordance with legal requirements.

Scientific Expertise

Dr. Baumann SkinIdent manufactures high-quality products for particularly discerning and informed people. All decisions are made by qualified academics (doctor and cosmetic chemist) who are the also the owners of the company. The focus is on benefits for you and your skin and not on adapting to changing cosmetic fashion trends which have questionable value for your skin.

Scientific Accuracy and Honesty

We guarantee that at Dr. Baumann SkinIdent no false or exaggerated promises are made. Our goal is to secure the best for you and your skin within predisposed limits.

Our multilamellar liposomes are comprised of the same lipids as human skin cells. These lipids and the ceramides we use are important components of the intercellular substance between the skin cells.

Documented Effectiveness

Multilamellar liposomes exhibit a range of effects which are particularly advantageous in caring for the skin. They are able to transport important active substances such as skin-friendly vitamins into the skin and greatly improve the skin’s moisture content within a short period of time.

The paradigm of the skin

With DR. BAUMANN liposome products you treat your skin with exactly the same substances which are found there naturally. Simply put, you are caring for your skin with “skin”! Can there be anything more natural for the skin? An important requirement is that liposome products do not contain preservatives or perfume. Certainly you now understand why our skincare products are so effective and compatible with the skin. Criteria for natural cosmetics which allow, for example, preservatives to be included are not adequate in our opinion. Our specific quality requirements adhere to the notion of “bionome beauty care”.

Responsibility for people, animals and environment

An important goal of Dr. Baumann SkinIdent is to look after the animals and the environment. We therefore do not use unnecessary packaging such as outer packaging around containers and bottles, and for the sake of animal protection we do not use any animal substances in our products. Animal ingredients in cosmetic products derive predominantly from waste from slaughterhouses and from animals who have suffered their whole lives in “factory farms” where animals are intensively mass-farmed. True animal protection completely rejects the killing of any animal. A meat-free diet does not only benefit animals but also your health and therefore your skin.

Beauty from within – the importance of a healthy diet

The importance of a healthy diet for a beautiful skin cannot be stressed enough. Scientific studies show how spectacular the health benefits of a meat-free diet are. An example is shown in a relevant policy document published in 2003 by the ADA (American Dietetic Association) and the DC (Dieticians of Canada)collectively on the Health benefits of vegetarian (meat-free) and vegan (no meat, fish, milk or eggs) diets.

Many of the most renowned dieticians in the USA and Canada are members of these associations. The ADA alone has around 70 000 members.

In this official policy document it states:

“Well planned vegan and other forms of vegetarian diets are appropriate for all phases of the life-cycle, including pregnancy, lactation, early and later childhood and adolescence. Vegetarian diets offer a range of benefits.”

“It is the position of the American Dietetic Association (ADA) and the Dieticians of Canada (DC) that a sensible, well-planned vegetarian diet is conductive to good health and suitable for meeting nutritional needs, as well as a being a healthy way of preventing and treating certain illnesses.” 

“It is the responsibility of dieticians to support and strengthen interest in vegetarian diets.” 

One of the most recognised and renowned German dieticians Prof. Dr. Claus Leitzmann from the University of Gießen is also clear on the subject:

“Studies with people living vegan lifestyles which are being carried out across the world show that vegans are on average healthier than the general population. Body weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, kidney function and general state of health are by and large worse in the normal population. In addition to these positive aspects a vegan diet is less damaging to the environment (liquid manure and methane from animal farming), Developing countries will become more independent (no import of animal feed) and animals will be more humanely treated. Therefore the breeding of livestock, animal farming, transportation of animals and animal experiments will be reduced or can be completely eradicated.”

Consumer protection: Recognizing cosmetic ingredients

For the protection of consumers it is a legal requirement that the ingredients in cosmetic products are identified on the packaging (INCI Declaration). But not much is known about what is hidden behind these (often Latin) terms. For this reason we have put together for you a list of frequently used chemical preservatives, perfumes and petroleum-based products/mineral oils.

Perfume, Fragrance.

Chemical preservatives: Benzoic Acid, Methylparaben, Ethylparaben, Butylparaben, Propylparaben, Triclosan, Imidazolidinyl Urea, Diazolidinyl Urea, Chlorhexidin, Methylisothiazolinon, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Dibromodicyanobutan, Sorbic Acid, DMDM Hydantoin, Polyaminopropyl Biguanide, Phenoxyethanol, Chlormethylisothiazolinon, Bronopol, Quarternium 115, Iodpropinylbutylcarbamat.

Please note: “nature-related” preservatives are chemical preservatives.

Petroleum-based products/Mineral oils: Mineral Oil, Petrolatum (Vaseline), Paraffinum-Liquidum, Paraffinum-Subliquidum, Cera Microcristallina, Microcrystalline Wax, Ozokerit, Ceresin.

If you would like further information about the advantages and disadvantages of individual cosmetic ingredients we recommend the following literature:

In particular the “Blue List” handed out for specialists classifies cosmetic ingredients according to the “potential allergic threat” they pose. The “Blue List” is written by the following authors: Dr. H.P. Fiedler, Wiesbaden; Prof. Dr. H. Ippen, Göttingen; Prof. Dr. F.H. Kemper, Münster; Prof. Dr. Dr. N.-P. Lüpke, Osnabrück; Prof. Dr. K.H. Schulz, Hamburg; Dr. W. Umbach, Düsseldorf.

An informative reference book for specialists and consumers without specialized knowledge is also the book “Die Bewertung kosmetischer Inhaltsstoffe anhand der INCI-Bezeichnungen” (A review of cosmetic ingredients based on INCI identification) mentioned by Dr. Ernst W. Henrich und Dr. Thomas Baumann. It serves to evaluate cosmetic products with regards to compatibility, allergic hazardousness and effectiveness. Furthermore a distinction is made between plant and animal ingredients to enable animal-friendly consumers and vegetarians to make the right product choices.

We guarantee you that in our products there are no chemical preservatives, no perfumes, no mineral oils and/or paraffin from petroleum and no animal ingredients.

The importance of correct skincare at home

Our certified cosmeticians are trained by us and are well qualified to choose the correct Dr. Baumann SkinIdent products for you during a consultation, based on the needs of your skin and the season. These Dr. Baumann SkinIdent cosmeticians are experts in healthy and effective skincare.

The skilled personnel at your Dr. Baumann SkinIdent cosmetic institute are not only experts on the treatments offered at the institute but also especially on planning your home skincare regime. Consider that a 1-2 hour treatment at a cosmetic institute cannot correct what has been caused through incorrect skin care at home. Cosmetic treatments at the institute and home skincare must be coordinated in order to achieve the best success with your skin. Professional treatments are only the initial starting point from where skincare must be continued and perfected at home with the correct products.

Correct daily skincare at home at home is of crucial importance for the condition of your skin. You can trust in the recommendations of your Dr. Baumann SkinIdent cosmetic institute and in DR. BAUMANN products.