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The Skinology Seminar

In a society that is so critical and appearance oriented acne is both physically and emotionally painful. Desperate feelings often result in desperate, aggressive methods of treatment which result in more damage to the skin than healing.
There are many real causes of acne and many myths and we as beauty professionals need to make the distinction in order o treat it. We also need to know when to let a
dermatologist take charge.

Back to the Basics of the Skin
Understanding how the skin functions and what balance of nutrients it needs to be healthy will help to treat an acned condition.
People of all races and indeed about 4 out of 5 people between the ages of 11 and 30 have outbreaks at some point excluding those adult acne sufferers.

Hormones stress genetics certain medication humidity pollution and the topical application of cosmetic products can result in acne. We need to know which ones are treatable and to what degree. We also need to know what home care to recommend to support the treatments we carry out in our beauty salons.

Sebum is essential even for an acne sufferer its a matter of disinfecting the infected sebum not resorting to aggressively drying out the skin resulting in a problem and dry scaly complexion.
Understanding Adult Acne
Many women-too many struggle with adult acne.50% of all women and 25%of adult men. Doctors are still unsure of all the causes so we need to look at better treatments. Some causes are topical cosmetics, stress, hormones and pollution.

47 and still an acne sufferer these women need our help.
Anti Biotic's, Azelaic Acid, Retinol,Accutane,Hormonal pills, Laser or Photodynamic Light Therapy (blue light).Are these the answers or should we look at alternatives? Alternatives are the safe answer and bring results!Let’s discuss it.

Adult Acne may result in Roseaccea and will need additional care.All this is discussed in this seminar.
The real secret is balance and how we regain that balance using specific skincare ingredients and essential transporters. Of course nutrition also plays a valuable part .Doing things the right way will result in a clear beautiful skin and a happy customer.
Learn about new methods and new ingredients that will give you the results you want to achieve. Multi layer liposomes, nanosomes and ceramides are powerful anti acne treaters with visible effects.
Give your customers back their self esteem and confidence!

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A Full Day Seminar : Starting 9AM - 6PM













2007 PETAs progress award