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The Skinology Seminar

Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art-Eleanor Roosevelt, an attractive appearance and self –confidence, whether it be in the area of a career or in ones social life is extremely important in a society where youth and outer appearance is measured as part of ones general skills and abilities.Society is in love with youth and we as professionals have to ensure that our customers retain a youthful appearance.

Aging is only 1/3 genetic the rest is environmental, lifestyle,nutrition,the products we use and simply how we treat our skins. Being aware of the tremendous affect the above mentioned elements have on the skin and understanding how we can influence them can help to slow down the aging process dramatically!

Part of this seminar is understanding how the skin is built and what ingredients we need to support the building process and as a result promise our customers a more youthful looking skin.

It is also understanding what elements MUST be avoided to support the anti aging regimen.

Today the complexities of ones body and skin and their functions are known and the effects of nutrition, cosmetic products and treatment methods are more measurable and the measurements are more accurate.Science and Dermatology have come a long way.
Scientific research can measure the aging process with more accuracy and can say with greater clarity how and why we age and most importantly how we can slow down the aging process and maintain an attractive more youthful looking skin this seminar provides very valuable information on this subject.

Understanding the influence of hormones, the immune system, pleasure poisons and the sun on skin and body aging helps the professional to make better decisions and recommendations to her customers.

Allergies age the skin dramatically we need to know how to avoid them to protect our skin from unnecessary irritation and stress.

Aging occurs at all levels on the skin, epidermal, dermal and subcutaneous. We need to know what levels we can influence and how.

We are what we eat.The type of food that we eat contributes strongly to how we look and feel. The type of food we “contribute” topically to our skin can build or break it down.

Not every cream, ampoule or serum automatically penetrates the skin. We need to know what does and under what circumstances to guarantee results for our customers.
Understanding the untapped power of liposomes ,nanosomes and ceramides and the essential role they play will change the way you choose to treat skin. This information and much much more is available to you at this seminar and it can’t be missed.

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A Full Day Seminar : Starting 9AM - 6PM














2007 PETAs progress award