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The Skinology Seminar

This seminar will unmask the most common myths,misconceptions and disinformation about skincare and the skin, giving every beauty salon and spa owner the most up to date information upfront!
Be in the know. The more you know the more you can educate and influence your customers and build their loyalty and commitment to you and your salon.Offer solutions, become the expert your customers deserve and by doing so grow your salon business exponentially.

Knowledge of the environmental elements and how they influence the health and beauty of the skin is key as it will help in dealing with the challenge of prematurely aging skin-a real problem today.

The critical part that vitamins, proteins, fatty acids, enzymes, minerals and amino acids play in the building of a healthy skin-how do they all contribute.
Do we need laboratory created vitamins as well as natural ones and why.Talking vitamins means going into the kind of detail one needs in order to influence the behavior of the skin.

Many ingredients in skincare are healthy in controlled doses but can be dangerous when applied excessively. Know your ingredients!

Hyper-pigmentation a disturbing condition. How can we deal with it in a healthy way and how can we ensure that it stays away. It is possible!

Contrary to popular belief the Stratum Corneum is alive and well and producing Ceramides.Think twice before simply peeling them away.The result can be serious premature aging, sensitivities and dermatitis.We have the solution.

There are more than one type of ceramides and each one plays a critical role in ensuring a healthy youthful skin.What effect can the correct ceramides have on the skin.

Peels are they all healthy for the skin? If not discover which ones are safer choices.
The Sun and Sun care The misconceptions are exposed.Its too dangerous to remain uninformed!

Vegetable oils as opposed to mineral oils (petroleum source) does it really matter?
Oxygen Life saver and fountain of youth or the cause of a rapidly deteriorating skin.

What Everyone wants to know.Discover the secret of the skin If one understands this one understands everything! Having this information allows you to perfect the decisions you take regarding the treatment and skincare you prescribe for your customers. It is information you have never been exposed to before!

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A Full Day Seminar : Starting 9AM - 6PM













2007 PETAs progress award