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The Skincare Millionaire Seminar # 6

The Millionaire Seminar “The Art Of Business War - Unfair Marketing” is a one day seminar that focuses on the winning strategy that is the base for a meaningful differentiation. The name Unfair Marketing is used by Dr.Dan Herman ( and refers to creating a specific differentiation that your competition can not and or doesn’t want to copy, hence the name “Unfair Marketing”.
Differentiation is key when it comes to winning any business war seeing that consumers chose their BRANDS according to the visible differences that they can recognize as beneficial.
Surprising your competition with explosive concepts and innovative strategies will give you the time to attract and capture important market shares while your competition is configuring “what to do now?” and is scrambling to react to your surprising and winning strategies while you are far ahead and leadng your market.     
In reality, there is never a “dead end” when it comes to new business opportunities, the opposite is the truth, there are always more ways and more opportunities to develop expand and enjoy the endless universal business opportunities.
The NEW BUSINESS WARS are different from the “old business battle field”- now it is the time of speed, momentum, creativity, innovation, creating great content and short term constantly changing strategies that will give you the lead.
It is ONE IN A LIFETIME BUSINESS SEMINAR that every business owner or career seeker MUST ATTEND!!!  
Practical Marketing Tools (Free of charge for the Millionaire seminar participants) - The Millionaire seminar participants benefit from:

  1. 52 layout designs of ready to use adverts and weekly promotion layouts that you can immediately forward to your customers.
  2. 52 different posters designed to support the different weekly promotional activities.
  3. 12 different vouchers: that can significantly increase new customer traffic.
  4. 52 weekly newsletters: that you can use immediately in order to communicate with your clients.. 
  5. 24 monthly PR articles: that you can use immediately for your local media.
  6. 52 weekly business articles: that will guide you step by step in applying a winning strategy.
  7. A ready-made website: customers who join and stock DR BAUMANN products are entitled to receive a FREE OF CHARGE advanced technology website.
  8.  A ready made BLOG PLATFORM: customers who join and stock DR BAUMANN products are entitled to receive a FREE OF CHARGE advanced technology BLOG PLATFORM that includes built in videos and the latest version of a cosmetic ingredient dictionary.
  9. A ready made BLOG PLATFORM: customers who join and stock DR BAUMANN products are entitled to receive a FREE OF CHARGE advanced technology BLOG PLATFORM that includes built in videos and the latest version of a cosmetic ingredient dictionary.
  10. A ready made YOUTUBE CHANNEL: customers who join and stock DR BAUMANN products are entitled to receive a FREE OF CHARGE YOUTUBE CHANNEL that includes built in videos and a fully designed, fully personalized YOUTUBE CHANNEL.   

Background and facts:

  1. Most beauty salons are the same, look the same, offer the same or similar products and the services and can hardly differentiate themselves from the competition.
  2. Most of the beauty salons focus on selling treatments and hardly sell any retail skincare products.
  3. Most skincare therapists feel uncomfortable about selling retail products as they see themselves as professional skincare therapists and not sales people.
  4. The proportion, the sales breakdown of most beauty salons is 90% treatments and 10% retail. 
  5. Most women identify beauty salons as a place to go for treatments but they buy their skincare products in the shops, perfumeries, pharmacies and cosmetic chains.
  6. Only one out of ten women regularly  visits a beauty salon for facials and body  treatments.
  7. Most of beauty salon owners don’t have any official business and management education but are purely trained as skin and body therapists. 
  8. Most beauty salon owners do not use the Internet to it’s maximum potential or don’t have any Internet connection in their business facility / their beauty salon.
  9. Most beauty salons have a relatively poor online presence, their website are mostly “home made” by amateurs and they lack professional design.
  10. Most beauty salons are left with “zero money” for their marketing and branding budget, after investing in their beauty salon decoration and in expensive cosmetic machines.
  11. Most beauty salons do not keep a sufficient retail items product stock, and customers need to wait until their desired products are ordered and eventually arrive at the salon.
  12. Most beauty salons identify their competition as the next beauty salon down the road.
  13.  BRANDING - There are hardly any beauty salons that are actual BRANDS.   

Meanings and Conclusions-
Because beauty salons cannot differentiate themselves from any potential competition, they compete on price. Competing on price means, “cutting their profits” that are in any case very low taking into consideration all the various fixed expenses. Customers who can not understand the difference between one salon or another are less loyal seeing that they perceive that they can have the same service down the road... and perhaps at a better price.
Seeing that beauty salons are hardly retailing skincare products and focus on treatments - they loose a significant customer share (customer skincare budget) to their competition = to the shops.
Skincare Therapists generally do not to realize that selling retail skincare products is the most important part of their job. The reason is that the customer comes once a month for a facial but needs to continue to use the home-care items for at least 30 days until the next facial. This means that a customer uses her home-care products at least 30 times more than the products in the cabin...Hence the importance of selling home-care (retail items) to customers. Home-care retail items are = to solutions. Letting your customers go home with out the relevant solution is illogical and doesn't make any sense.
It takes 1.5 hours to treat a customer in the cabin for approximately R500, while it takes 10-15 minutes to sell a customer R1000 or even more. In other words, in the same time that it takes to treat one customer you can do at least 6 sales of retail items. Make the calculation as to how much income this can mean to you.
Most women buy their skincare products at the shop and not in beauty salons. Therefore, the shops are the number one competition for any beauty salons (when it comes to retailing) and not the beauty salon down the road. Changing your definition about who your customers are and doing the efforts to direct those newly defined customers to your beauty salon is what you need to focus on doing.
Trying to manage a beauty salon without professional business training is like trying to fly a plane without a pilot license!!! It normally ends in a crash. This also explains why nearly 1out of 10 beauty salons survives while all the others close down. Therefore, attending every possible business and management seminars that is “tailored” for beauty salons are so critical in ones chance to succeed.
Not having the time, the money and the skill to build a strong online presence is a fatal start!!! Most customers will view your beauty salon website before picking up the phone to book a treatment. This means that having a super attractive presence is so critical to attract more new customers and new business. See the above list of marketing and branding tools that will totally boost your online presence and that you can receive FOR FREE once you join as a DR BAUMANN customer.
Going the extra mile and turning your beauty salon into a REAL BRAND will strengthen your relationships with your customers and will bind them with thick bands of loyalty. Therefore, BRANDING MANAGMENT is one of the most desired new professions all over the globe.


Benefits and immediate results

  1. You are provided with the clear understanding about how to differentiate your business and win the business war against any competition.
  2. You will be able to immediately implement the strategies that you learn at this  important  and valuable seminar and see immediate results in your sales and competitiveness.
  3. You will learn how you can sell much more and for HIGHER PRICES instead of fighting for a sale and cutting your profit margins by allocating BIG DISCOUNTS.
  4. Your business will start to generate a great additional income by learning how to increase your retail sales. 
  5. By attending this seminar you “buy” a whole marketing and branding team that will support you on a daily base and create the entire marketing and branding tools for you. That includes customizing all the online tools for the needs of your business FOR FREE.
  6. The deep insight into the customers mind will make you a “mind reader”. This will allow you to win EVERY BUSINESS WAR with every potential competitor!!! 


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Presented By: Avi Konigsberg The Founder Of The Millionaire Seminars And The Export Director Of DR BAUMANN COSMETICS
Dates And Location:
Johannesburg: 8/9.10.2013

A Full Day Seminar : Starting 9AM - 6PM












2007 PETAs progress award