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The Skincare Millionaire Seminar # 4

This Inspiring And Motivating Seminar Will Make Success Your New Way Of Life Rather Than An Accidental Event.

The Millionaire Seminar - Universal Success Principles   is a ONE DAY seminar that will provide you with the latest knowhow about proven to work SUCCESS STRATEGIES.
The name UNIVERSAL SUCCESS PRINCIPLES was carefully selected and refers to the understanding that those UNIVERSAL SUCCESS PRINCIPLES will work everywhere on this planet, in every culture, every country and every economy as those SUCCESS PRINCIPLES are UNIVERSAL.  
The name UNIVERSAL SUCCESS PRINCIPLES also contains  elements of the mystical and unexplained rules and the mystical and unexplained connection between awareness and conscious action and phenomenal success. 
SUCCESS is the most wanted state - therefore, numerous business leaders as well as philosophers, economists and psychologists researched for decades and finally managed to DECODE THE “DNA of SUCCESS”! This seminar lays out those UNIVERSAL SUCCESS PRINCIPLES and explains them in a clear way, step by step, so that you and every participant will be able to  apply those UNIVERSAL SUCCESS PRINCIPLES  immediately and enjoy the tremendous benefits!   
Practical Marketing Tools (Free of charge for the Millionaire seminar participants) - The Millionaire seminar participants benefit from: ( Dr Baumann clients the rest can adapt the material for their own use)

  1. 52 layout designs of ready to use adverts and weekly promotion layouts that you can forward to your customers.
  2. 52 different posters designed to support the different weekly promotional activities.
  3. 12 different vouchers: that can significantly increase new customer traffic.
  4. 52 weekly newsletters: that you can use immediately in order to communicate with your clients.
  5. 24 monthly PR articles: that you can use immediately for your local media.
  6. 52 weekly business articles: that will guide you step by step in applying a winning strategy.
  7. A ready made website: customers who join and stock DR BAUMANN products are entitled to receive a FREE OF CHARGE  hi technology website.
  8.  A ready made BLOG PLATFORM: customers who join and stock DR BAUMANN products are entitled to receive a FREE OF CHARGE advanced technology BLOG PLATFORM that includes built in videos and the latest version of a cosmetic ingredient dictionary .
  9. A ready made BLOG PLATFORM: customers who join and stock DR BAUMANN products are entitled to receive a FREE OF CHARGE advanced technology BLOG PLATFORM that includes built in videos and the latest version of a cosmetic ingredient dictionary.
  10. A ready made YOUTUBE CHANNEL: customers who join and stock DR BAUMANN products are entitled to receive a FREE OF CHARGE YOUTUBE CHANNEL that includes built in videos and a fully designed, fully personalized YOUTUBE CHANNEL.   

Background and facts:

  1. Everyone seeks success, in all areas of life - however, only 1% of the people on this planet hold 40%of the global wealth, and or 2% of the people on this planet hold 50%of the global wealth. In other words, 98% of the people on this plant share 50% of the global wealth. The rich get richer and the rest get poorer!
  2. The rich people get richer - There is clearly something that the “rich” know, share and act upon that all the rest of the people miss. That explains why the rich who are only 1%-2% control most (98%) of the global wealth. Only one out of ten new business that open manage to survive!
  3. Success is an outcome - success is a summary of the amount of wins versus losses that you or a business manages to achieve.
  4. Success is reaching ones goals - without having clear goals (in at least 4 areas of your life), you won’t be able to tell if you are successful or not.
  5. Success is harder to get than anytime before - you aren’t the only one who seeks to succeed, the opposite is the truth, the more people live on the planer the tougher it is to reach the state of success. 
  6. You have just ONE CHANCE to “nail it” - The older you get the harder it becomes to achieve success. It is you and your ONE LIFETIME opportunity to really live a SUCCESSFUL LIFE or unfortunately live a life of struggle and daily worries. You have a great impact on those two options! You can choose!  
  7. Achieving success is a PRACTICE - The same as you repeat a certain practice when you want to build a muscle, when you want to loose weight, when you want to adopt a new habit, there is a certain set of actions that you need to KNOW ABOUT and PRACTICE.      

Meanings and Conclusions-
It is so obvious that “THERE IS A SECRET” that ONLY THE RICH share, practice and that makes them constantly richer...Otherwise, you won’t be able to explain WHY only 1% of the people are as wealthy and keep 40% of the global wealth. Even in those difficult financial times, the rich became even richer (by 13% richer). So, come and learn WHAT THE RICH already know and join the party!
All over the world - More and more success seminars are conducted: Never before in human history have so many NEW MILLIONAIRES JOINED the status of MILLIONAIRES as in the 20th century! Those NEW MILLIONAIRES simply learned and tapped into the phenomenal powers of the UNIVERSAL SUCCESS PRINCIPLES!
GOAL SETTING - Naturally, success is an outcome of the ones who are prepared to take the time and DESIGN THEIR SUCCESS. My SUCCESS is different to YOUR SUCCESS isn’t it? So, what is your SUCCESS?  What does it look like? You start to grasp that THERE IS NO SUCCESS WITHOUT SETTING SUCCESS AS A CLEAR GOAL. The achievement of success depends on your physical fitness, mental and emotional stability and your psychological and conscience AWARENESS!!! Setting goals in those 4 areas of life WILL AUTOMATICALLY bring you closer to SUCCESS! 

ONE LIFETIME ON CHANCE - the tools to achieve SUCCESS are available now and most of them are for FREE. This means that SUCCESS IS TODAY A CHOICE rather than a destiny. This clear reality must be your first trigger to go for it and TRY IT OUT. You don’t have anything to loose .YOU CAN ONLY WIN! The OLD SOCIAL STRUCTURE of “CLASSES”, access to EDUCATION, available TECHNOLOGY etc. are GONE. You don’t have any more EXCUSES but instead YOU HAVE TREMENDOUS OPPORTUNITIES!

YOU NEED A MENTOR - A MASTER MIND CIRCLE - A COMMUNITY - A SUCCESS CULTURE - A SUCCESS GYM  - this seminar acts as all of those together, it provides you with the TRUE ACCESS TO UNSTOPPABLE SUCCESS seminars and a SUCCESS CULTURE by not only equipping you with all the KNOW HOW but by giving you all the PRACTICAL TOOLS (see the above 10 point tool list) and providing the SUCCESS ENVIRONMENT!

Benefits and immediate results

  1. The Millionaire Seminar - Universal Success Principles  brings SUCCESS from the theoretical concept into a PRACTICAL OPPORTUNITY.
  2. The fast track to success - After attending this - Universal Success Principles Seminar  you will become extremely aware of what holds you back from achieving success and you will obtain the complete understanding and the practical tools that will allow you to remove every obstacle and access the fast track to success.
  3. Joining a successful master mind team - you will meet the fastest growing business people within the beauty industry and you will be able to join this SUCCESS TREND AND DIRECTION and apply all those principles and all the tools on a daily basis  as DR BAUMANN TEAM- SOUTH AFRICA does. 
  4. Getting your MARKETING AND BRANDING TEAM on board - this is on its own a universal miracle! By attending the Universal Success Principles Seminar  and joining DR BAUMANN COSMETICS, you can use our national MARKETING AND BRANDING TEAM to redesign your website or create a new website totally personalized to your business needs, as well as preparing your entire marketing and branding tools PLUS your entire communication and advertisement campaign: text and layouts ALL DONE FOR FREE!  
  5. You can have a pretty good idea about the seminar benefits once you read the testimonials that the seminar participators write about this and other Millionaire Seminars.
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Presented By: Avi Konigsberg The Founder Of The Millionaire Seminars And The Export Director Of DR BAUMANN COSMETICS
Dates And Location:

A Full Day Seminar : Starting 9AM - 6PM












2007 PETAs progress award