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The Skincare Millionaire Seminar # 1

Promise - The Millionaire seminar-1000 new customers in 1 year is a 1 day business seminar that promises you a proven to work winning strategy, a business plan and a new overall business view of investment principles that can lead every Beauty salon/SPA to achieve 1 million dollar in profits within 5 years.
Attending this seminar is your entrance ticket to wealth.

  1. Most beauty salons (SPA) suffer from a lack of NEW customer traffic as well as from a relatively low sales turnover with their existing customers. This fact results in: a low income and a struggling business!!  

  2. The Millionaire seminar-1000 new customers in 1 year demonstrates a proven to work winning strategy that describes a real situation in which, a small beauty salon/SPA gained over 1000 new customers in just 1 year while achieving over 500% business growth in this period of time. This fast growth was achieved due to the usage of a “tailor made strategy” supported by various “marketing instruments” that are well presented and explained in great detail during this seminar.

  3. Most of beauty salon/SPA turnovers are about 80% in treatments/services compared to just 20% in retail. The same situation was the basis of the beauty salon that serves as the case study for this seminar. During the first year, the treatment*services became 20% of the sales compared to the retail that became 80% of the turnover. You might think that the treatment/services sales shrank, well, not at all, just the opposite, it grew, but at the same time the retail grew by 400%!!!

  4. 20% of most of beauty salon/SPA customers are doing about 80% of the turnover. This is a universal “law” of customer segmentation. Understanding this business “law” must make it clear that in order to achieve 500% growth: you need to gain 5 times as many customers as you have today as fast as possible. This seminar will teach you how to build the “perfect customer machine” because in the end, the real definition of a business is to continue to “produce new customers” and not just products.

  5. Theory and practice – many seminars present various ideas and suggest action plans, still, when it comes to the implementation phase, most seminar participants do not have sufficient knowledge, time or money to implement the given material. The Millionaire seminar- 1000 new customers in 1 year frees you from producing any marketing tools that you must have in order to implement any theoretical knowledge. By attending this seminar you receive the full ready made and ready to use marketing tools to go ahead and immediately implement the theoretical material in order to activate an immediate practical winning strategy 

  6. Practical Marketing Tools (Free of charge for the Millionaire seminar participants) - The Millionaire seminar participants benefit from:

  7. 52 layout designs of ready to use adverts and weekly promotion layouts that you can immediately  forward to your customers.

  8. 52 different posters designed to support the different weekly promotional activities.

  9. 12 different vouchers: that can significantly increase new customer traffic.

  10. 52 weekly newsletters: that you can use immediately in order to communicate with your clients.. 

  11. 24 monthly PR articles: that you can use immediately for your local media.

  12. 52 weekly business articles: that will guide you step by step in applying a winning strategy.

  13. A ready made website: customers who join and stock DR BAUMANN products are entitled to receive a FREE OF CHARGE advanced technology website.

  14.  A ready made BLOG PLATFORM: customers who join and stock DR BAUMANN products are entitled to receive a FREE OF CHARGE advanced technology BLOG PLATFORM that includes built in videos and the latest version of a cosmetic ingredient dictionary .

  15. A ready made BLOG PLATFORM: customers who join and stock DR BAUMANN products are entitled to receive a FREE OF CHARGE advanced technology BLOG PLATFORM that includes built in videos and the latest version of a cosmetic ingredient dictionary.

  16. A ready made YOUTUBE CHANNEL: customers who join and stock DR BAUMANN products are entitled to receive a FREE OF CHARGE YOUTUBE CHANNEL that includes built in videos and a fully designed, fully personalized YOUTUBE CHANNEL.   


  1. Choosing a winning strategy can be an exhausting process that requires   a precise understanding regarding  how consumers think and choose their products and their Brands as well as what motivates consumers to change their behaviour and results in turning them into your loyal customers.

  2. Choosing the winning strategy is actually the end of a long process of collecting information about the specific market and business environment, analysing this information, and creating the winning strategy. This seminar takes you step by step and supports you along the way from designing a profitable business plan that suits every beauty salon/SPA to choosing the winning strategy that includes meaningful benefits to the society where the beauty salon/SPA is located

  3. Choosing the winning strategy is always based on a strong, clear and meaningful differentiation from your competition. The entire process: for creating a meaningful differentiation is described in great detail during this seminar. Finally by attending this seminar you will be able to present new customers with a beneficial and attractive alternative.

  4. People will begin to choose you and your salon- There is a system that consumers apply prior to choosing their supplier. Learning and understanding this method is the key to becoming the consumer’s choice.

  5. Understanding your total role, your business role and your supplier’s role is the first step in re-defining your business in order for it to match your customer’s expectations and to achieve the breakthrough that you dream about. This part belongs to IMS marketing but the topic is re discussed and analysed in depth during this unique seminar. “Your role” might sound foreign at this point, but, after this seminar you will view your business and your life in general from a new perspective. Guaranteed!!! 

  6. Prioritizing the various activities that lead to 1000 new customers is the first step in designing an effective action plan that will allow you to build a solid on going “customers machine” that will continue to produce more and more  and more new customers.

  7. Customer loyalty through customer satisfaction is the basis for long term investment that will return profits far more than any alternative investment that you have or may come across in the future.

  8. Understanding the client’s tangible and intangible needs and what exactly motivates them is a high priority in order to develop the strategy that will eventually influence client behaviour to ensure the kind of behaviour that will make them your loyal to you.

Meanings and Conclusions-
Realizing and understanding the above facts starts to explain the situation that causes beauty salons/SPA to struggle instead of being as a profitable business,
The lack of professional business skills results in loosing market share, customer share and profits.  Don’t give your profits to the competition.
Cosmetic salons/SPA owners lack the budget as well as the professional knowledge necessary to employ the winning strategy.   
Choosing a winning strategy without having the correct marketing tools to communicate the chosen strategy is useless and therefore cannot deliver the expected results.

The Millionaire seminar-1000 new customers in 1 year already developed a proven to work wining strategy that will definitely boost your sales beyond your wildest expectations.
Receiving the entire marketing tools that were designed and used in our winning strategy means that you can save precious time as well as personally investing in a huge development budget for your beauty salon.
Understanding and implementing the modern triggers that motivate customers to choose you as their supplier will immediately sharpen your mind and turn your business into an attractive alternative compared to any other competitor that plays in your market.
Revealing the “success code” and common behaviour pattern that all millionaires share will not only give you a deep insight into this most exiting theme and lifestyle, but, at the same time, you will discover the action plan that you can use to obtain more and more income through income channels that you did not use until now..    
All of that and much more will be presented in The Millionaire seminar-1000 new customers in 1 year for SPA and Beauty salons. A “tailored made 2 day business seminar” that exposes you to the “winning strategy” that was put to work in a real case study of a small beauty salon that went from 10 customers to over 1000 new customers in just 1 year, and is on its way to generating 1 million dollars in just 5 years.

  1. We strongly recommend you to register for this seminar now and start maximizing your business and investment opportunities as millionaires do.


Presented By: Avi Konigsberg The Founder Of The Millionaire Seminars And The Export Director Of DR BAUMANN COSMETICS
Dates And Location:
Johannesburg: 05.08.2012 | 15.09.2013
Capetown: 20.10.2013

A Full Day Seminar : Starting 9AM - 6PM












2007 PETAs progress award