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The Skincare Millionaire Seminar # 15

Promise-The Millionaire Seminar Multiply your wealth GENE will provide you with various new revolutionary perspectives, super sharp insight and new action plan  regarding how you can multiply your wealth by multiplying your knowledge, experience and your success in just 1 day of intensive training. Actively multiplying your wealth GENE means: expanding your business, more new target consumers, more market share, new products and services and new distribution channels by simply redefining your personal role and your business role and that without investing more time. This seminar will activate your entrepreneur spirit and open your mind to the limitless passive income opportunities.
In reality, there is never a “dead end” when it comes to new business opportunities, the opposite is the true, there are always more ways and more opportunities to develop expand and enjoy the endless universal business opportunities.
Re-Inventing is the name of the game, and this ultra dynamic systematic thinking and ready made tools are what you can expect to have when attending this seminar

  1. Practical Marketing Tools (Free of charge for the Millionaire seminar participants) - The Millionaire seminar participants benefit from:

  2. 52 layout designs of ready to use adverts and weekly promotion layouts that you can immediately  forward to your customers.

  3. 52 different posters designed to support the different weekly promotional activities.

  4. 12 different vouchers: that can significantly increase new customer traffic.

  5. 52 weekly newsletters: that you can use immediately in order to communicate with your clients.. 

  6. 24 monthly PR articles: that you can use immediately for your local media.

  7. 52 weekly business articles: that will guide you step by step in applying a winning strategy.

  8. A ready made website: customers who join and stock DR BAUMANN products are entitled to receive a FREE OF CHARGE advanced technology website.

  9.  A ready made BLOG PLATFORM: customers who join and stock DR BAUMANN products are entitled to receive a FREE OF CHARGE advanced technology BLOG PLATFORM that includes built in videos and the latest version of a cosmetic ingredient dictionary .

  10. A ready made BLOG PLATFORM: customers who join and stock DR BAUMANN products are entitled to receive a FREE OF CHARGE advanced technology BLOG PLATFORM that includes built in videos and the latest version of a cosmetic ingredient dictionary.

  11. A ready made YOUTUBE CHANNEL: customers who join and stock DR BAUMANN products are entitled to receive a FREE OF CHARGE YOUTUBE CHANNEL that includes built in videos and a fully designed, fully personalized YOUTUBE CHANNEL.   

Background and facts:

  1. As a beauty salon/SPA owner: you are used to earning money from: 9 to 5. This means that after closing hours (5PM), you stop earning money!! Imagine having the ability to ensure that your business continues to earn money 24/7? And, that without your being present. 

  2.  Generally you stop earning money, when you stop doing treatments/services. In other words, you earn money only on condition that you give treatments/services!!! You are so busy doing relatively low profit treatments/services that once your day finishes, you are too exhausted to take the time to think about any new opportunities for earning money. These opportunities to make more money exist but you don’t take advantage of them because you are only involved in giving services /treatments. 

  3.  Not always being present at the time of giving the service/treatment is essential in order to have the time and the concentration needed to start exploring further opportunities to earn more money. Simply delegate the treatment/service to someone else who is competent while you start to earn the real money!!!

  4. Your mind is programmed in the typical, classical channel of earning money by thinking that your beauty salon/SPA can do just certain things in order to generate money: treatments*services and retail. You have to wake up re analyse and look beyond your present business function and role. For example- (here is your first exercise) lets say that by law: your beauty salon/SPA isn’t allowed to do treatments/services. You still have your beauty salon/SPA´, your staff and most importantly-your customer data base. Your fixed expenses still run. What business idea would you generate in order to still keep your business profitable? You See? You are already forced to start thinking about new ways to earn money with your beauty salon/SPA. You must start to re-invent yourself and your business role!!!!  

  5. You are an investor!!!! You invested time and money in your professional study (your certification), you invested in your beauty salon/SPA decoration, machines and other fittings as well as in cabin and retail products. By doing all of the above mentioned investments, you automatically became an investor. Congratulations!!! But, are you familiar with the “investment world”, “investment rules” and the “dynamics” that characterize “good investments” and “good investors”? Your annual salary that your business pays you (I hope) is for your work (9-5), but, a good investment must pay you back an additional fee as a return on your investment.( that you spent your beauty salon/SPA.)  

  6. Multiplying your wealth GENE and your investment is your obligation as an investor in order to maximize on your investment, otherwise, you may do a good job as a skin therapist, but not as a good investor!!!    

Meanings and Conclusions-
Realizing and understanding the above facts starts to explain the situation that causes a sort of “business mind paralysis” that prevents you from developing your business “GENES” as well as multiplying your business and wealth.
Your investments must multiply parallel to your income as a professional skin therapist and /or as a beauty salon/SPA owner/manager.
You and your beauty salon/SPA can generate much more profit while using the same investment and business platform or increasing your investment and enlarging your business platform without investing more time.
Doing treatments/services without taking time to act as an investor will lead to a: limited income that is directly connected to the time that you work and eliminate your possibilities to explore more business opportunities and generate more income.
Benefits and immediate results

  1. The Millionaire Seminar Multiply your wealth GENE will provide you with the up to date, modern theoretical knowledge as well as the practical instruments to re-evaluate your development and your multiplication possibilities.

  2. You will learn how to avoid classical mistakes and loss of money while turning your investment into an ongoing “profit machine”.

  3. You will be able to become an investor that enjoys the full benefits of a passive income parallel to your regular income.

  4. Your business will start working for you instead of you working for your business.

  5. By joining The Millionaire Seminar” Multiply your wealth GENE”, you can consider yourself to be a real entrepreneur!!

  6. We strongly recommend you to register for this seminar now and start maximizing your business success and investment as millionaires do.

  7. You can have a pretty good idea about the seminar benefits once you read the testimonials that the seminar participators write about this seminar

If you are a beauty salon/SPA owner that wants to develop your business to a national distribution: Visit our “Business opportunities” page. This can definitely be your first important step towards multiplying your wealth GENE.

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Presented By: Avi Konigsberg The Founder Of The Millionaire Seminars And The Export Director Of DR BAUMANN COSMETICS
Dates And Location:

A Full Day Seminar : Starting 9AM - 6PM












2007 PETAs progress award