A special kind of beauty care

The bionome quality criteria for skin-friendly, animal-friendly and environmentally friendly products:

  • Free from preservatives
  • Free from mineral oils
  • Free from animal substances – vegan
  • Does away with unnecessary waste: no additional packaging
  • Free from perfume, except for special products containing essential oils*

* Essential oils are indicated on respective products in accordance with legal requirements

The benefits of Dr. Baumann SkinIdent

Bionome beauty care

According to the Duden German dictionary “Bionomy” is the “Science of the laws of life”.

These laws are the qualitative basis for the development of all Dr. Baumann SkinIdent products. This means that on the one hand the skin’s metabolism and structure is taken into account, and on the other hand aspects of our environment are considered.

The goals of bionome beauty care are:

  • Optimal compatibility through application of dermatological and allergological knowledge in the selection of ingredients.
  • A targeted range of ingredients whose effectiveness has been specified and proven and which are therefore beneficial to the skin.
  • A harmony between the ingredients and the physiology and anatomy of the skin. This is achieved when as many ingredients as possible are endemic to the skin and body, meaning the substances occur naturally in the the skin. SkinIdent, our cutting-edge product line, is comprised exclusively of ingredients and vitamins endemic to the skin.
  • Environmentally friendly: doing away with unnecessary waste such as outer packaging.
  • Animal-friendly: no use of animal substances.

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