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Face Care

Investing in quality safe skin is a lifelong investment because how you treat your skin from an early age will influence its appearance and health forever.
Ones genetic disposition naturally influences the way one looks but it is the environmental conditions, lifestyle, diet and skincare products with questionable ingredients
that are responsible for a rapidly aging and unhealthy skin.
Your skin, visible to all is your largest organ and when it ages it announces its condition to the world. Although we cannot stop the aging process we can certainly
slow it down and look younger and more beautiful for much longer. It is just a question of decision, discipline and knowledge.
Today with the right care and attention it is possible to reverse and certainly prevent visible skin damage from occurring. Using specific anti-oxidants, amino acids,
vitamins, minerals and vegetable oils will help both to protect and rebuild your cells and contribute to that glowing healthy look.
Get It Right from the Start

Forget the “just water” or “water and soap” routine.
Cleansing should be carried out twice a day in order to remove makeup stale oil, dirt and dead cells from the skins surface without damaging, irritating or drying out the

Every product that one puts on the skin has an effect. When one chooses a cleanser the most important criteria are to ensure that the ingredients that make up the
cleanser are comfortable for the skin. What does comfortable mean? It means that the ingredients are either similar to those existing in the skin or even better,
identical to the ingredients that make up a healthy skin. No ingredient should have contact with the skin if they do not fall within the above criteria.

Ingredients that definitely should not be in your cleanser are: parabens (chemical preservatives) colorants, fragrance or mineral oils all of which will cause dryness and irritation and can lead to Allergies and ultimately to dermatitis and cancer.


















2007 PETAs progress award