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Eye Cream

The eye area is fine and delicate and very early on (25+) has a lack of sufficient sebum (oil) and adequate moisture. This is as a result of exposure to harsh sunlight, damaging ingredients in eye care products and naturally the results of aging. As a result of exposure to the sun the moisture levels in the skin are dramatically reduced
and the elastin and collagen in the skin is damaged, resulting in dehydration, lines and wrinkles. You will want to make sure that you watch out for and avoid eye creams that have any sort of chemical preservatives or chemical sunscreens in them, because even thought this is just to extend shelf life, there are some preservatives thathave been known to cause cancer and hormonal disturbances. Why use those products when you can find products with skin friendly preservatives. Make sure that you
pay close attention to those ingredients to ensure safe skincare for you and your family. Another thing that you will want to watch out for are those unattainable promises that companies tend to make. Let’s get this straight right now; collagen is too large to go directly into your skin. Rather than rely on these promises, you’ll want to try to find ingredients that promote collagen protection e.g. by treating your eye area with only skin compatible or skin Identical ingredients, liposome’s and ceramides that will help to protect the eye area from external damage, balance your hydro lyphidic layer and protect you skin from valuable moisture loss. All these elements will ensure you of a protected, more youthful, smooth looking eye area.

























2007 PETAs progress award